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Jordan Ponder

At first glance Captain Jordan Ponder is an intimidating dude. Big firefighter who is legitimately a body builder in his free time. Massive muscles and steely glance aside, Jordan is, without a doubt, one of the nicest people you will ever meet.  

I met Jordan through local trainer Kellen Millad.  We got a cup of coffee and I instantly knew that this was a guy I would want to be friends with.  He truly has a kind heart and soul, is extremely involved in his community, plays drums in his church's band (go musicians!) and is driven to always improve.  He said to me that it's not about being better than everyone else, but rather being better than you were the last time you did something.  (I even trained next to him once at CoMo. My competitive nature got the best of me, and I was pretty sore for a few days from my attempts to keep up.)


Jordan is a born and raised Milwaukee native with deep roots in city pride, faith and family.  He is the son of a 26 year veteran of the Milwaukee Police Department, so it's no surprise that he followed in his father's footsteps to serve the city that he loves.  Jordan's parents were very supportive of his body building, encouraging him to begin training at a young age to compete in his first meet at 17.  

Jordan became a Milwaukee firefighter right after high school, and his passion for fitness and public service combined when he was approached to take on the lead fitness trainer roll for MFD.  Even though a volunteer position at first, Jordan eagerly took the opportunity as a way to give back to his brothers.  As a trainer he focuses on safety, energy conservation and overall health.


When he’s not at the gym or fighting fires he is still working. As the Director of Firefighter Dynamic Performance Training and contributing writer for Fire-Rescue Magazine, Jordan continues his dedication to improving the health and safety of his brothers and sisters at departments in Milwaukee and nation wide.  

Jordan is a man who lives his life in service - to his city, his family and his community. It truly is an honor to have him not only representing - but also protecting - Milwaukee. 

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