Commercial Editorial Photographer

Bayview Printing Co


Bayview Printing Co is a cool shop on Howell Ave. that offers the most unique stationary in Milwaukee. If you're not familiar with what letterpress is, you've got to check out the shop, but basically you set your letters (individually!) into a frame, roll on some ink, and press it on your paper. One at a time. Over and over. Definitely triple check your spelling before you start ;) Sure, you could easily have someone create a digital version of the look and hit 'print', but nothing compares to the 'feel' of something truly handmade. 

Ashley, the owner, is all about community. She is the 3rd owner of the shop that has existed in someway for over 100years. The ink they use, its made right here in Bristol, Wisconsin. Paper? Locally sourced from all over the state. But best of all, they offer workshops and printing parties to the public. 

It was a pleasure to photograph the shop and staff for their new website and social media. We also created a couple fun short videos that can be seen below. Headshots and editorial styled portraits are fun, but spending a few hours learning about this gem in the heart of Bayview was just as awesome.

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