As a kid the engineering brain passed down from my grandfather to my dad to me never quite connected with my creative side… Until I found photography.  My mission as a photographer is to not just take pictures. I want to change minds, bring stories to light and have the work I create "do something."  

Message me: hello@andrewfeller.com 

Connect with me: https://www.instagram.com/andrewfeller/ 


Client List:


Kohler Co.

Yamaha (Musical Instruments Divison)

Milwaukee Magazine


Kohls Art Generations

Serve Marketing


Empower Yoga 

K-Deer Haute Yoga

Cream City Music

High Energy Fusion Yoga

Yoga on the Lake (Destination Kohler)

Funjet Vacations 

YogaOne Studio

Guitars 4 Vets

The Mark Travel Corporation 

Levy’s Leather

United Adworkers

Arte Para Todos

Mental Health America

K-Nation Entertainment (division of Kapco Inc)

Lakeshore Chinooks